Government of Nepal

Ministry of Agricultural Development

Department of Agriculture

Crop Development Directorate

Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur

Mandate of the Crop Developmet Directorate

  • Help ministry and department to formulate National policies, strategies, planning  related to Crop Development
  • Prepare required guidelines to execute the programs related to the directorate to related institutions
  • Regular supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the institutions under the directorate.
  • Coordination and collaboration with other GOs and NGOs related to crop development for technology transmission and program execution.
  • Documentation of information and data about crops.
  • Monitoring and supervision of crop programs executed from district and regional level.
  • Organization of crop development related trainings, workshops and seminar at regional and central level. 
  • Prepare draft to improve norms related to crop development and submission to related organization.
  • Propose norms for varietal demonstration and selection program executed through District Agriculture Development Offices.
  • Conduction of mission programs (now in maize) for import substitution and for increasing food security according to National Agriculture Policy 2061 and Agriculture Business Policy 2063.