Bimal Thapa Kshetri

Program Director

Information Officer
Keshab Khanal

Senior Agriculture Extend Officer


Crop Development Division under Department of Agriculture has been established in 2052 B.S. to execute effective cereals, pulses and industrial crops program in district and farmer level, to maintain coordination and collaboration between related agencies in central level and to formulate policies and guidelines of crop development programs. Later on, the name of Crop Development Division was changed into Crop Development Directorate in 2057 B.S. This directorate mainly focuses on optimum use of available resources to increase production and productivity of cereals, pulses, oilseeds and industrial crops by increasing cropping intensity and diversification. According to structure of Department of Agriculture of 2060/61 B.S., National Industrial Crop Development Program and Regional Seed Testing Laboratories in five development regions works under this directorate.


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Hybrid Rice Radio Clip 1

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